Dr Vik Watts

Consultant Psychiatrist

I am a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 25 years experience of working with patients in the NHS and in the private sector, specialising in the treatment of addictions, panic attacks, anxiety and depression, stress including post-traumatic stress disorder,relationship and workplace issues and all forms of mental crises and breakdowns.

I currently work in private practice from a variety of locations in central and north London. I work with patients aged 17 and over.

I take a keen interest in the experience of my patients and consequently the best therapies and therapeutic approaches, which will suit any individual person. I prescribe medicines but see my role as attending to the patient in their entirety and not on a narrow basis.

I work with many Therapists and Psychologists and refer to many different modalities of therapy including CBT, Schema, Addictions,Psychodynamic. DBT, Interpersonal, EMDR, psychodrama, anxiety management, Co dependence specialists and many others.

Whilst I was training, I undertook both a Jungian and Freudian psycho-analysis and I have worked closely with therapists throughout my career as I believe in teamwork and a holistic approach to get the best results.

I regularly engage in out patient, day hospital and in-patient treatment . I treat day patients and in-patients at the Priory Hospital, North London. I do carry out home visits and consultations abroad but these are based on individual enquiry.

To make an appointment with me, please view the Contact page, or get in touch with my secretary, Marilyn Murray via telephone on 0208 920 5627 or email marilynmurray@priorygroup.com