Dr Vik Watts

Consultant Psychiatrist

  1. Fees for initial appointments are £320. Fees for follow-up appointments lasting 25 minutes are £180.

    1. If you are covered by medical insurance:

    2. Contact your insurer before your first appointment in order to:

      a) check that you are covered for psychiatric disorders;
      b) check the limits of the cover provided for outpatient treatment and;
      c) request an authorisation or claim number (if provided).

      Your insurer will usually require you to be referred to me by your General Practitioner, or by another specialist to whom you were originally referred by your GP. 

      Please bring your membership number and authorisation code to the appointment if you wish us to bill your insurer directly or e mail Marilyn Murray ahead of the appointment.

      If any query arises about payment, you are responsible for contacting your insurer. Where I do not receive payments promptly, I will send you a statement and reminder.

      In case of non-payment or a shortfall under the terms of your insurance, you are responsible for settling the outstanding balance. Failure to make payment will result in the matter being referred to a debt collecting agent, whose charges will be added to and be payable with the invoice amount.

    3. If you are paying personally:

    4. Payment by credit or debit card can be made by phoning Farhana Patel (07429 459 332), or email vwatts.billing@gmail.com
      Alternatively you can pay by cash or cheque at the appointment and I will give you a receipt. Cheques should be made payable to Dr Vik Watts.

    5. If payment is being made by another person or organisation:

    6. If an organisation, or a person other than you, is responsible for paying for your treatment, please inform me or Marilyn Murray when making your appointment. 

      Failure to make payment within 28 days will result in the matter being referred to a debt collecting agent, whose charges will be added to and be payable with the invoice amount.  

    7. Cancellation of outpatient appointments:

    8. If you know you will have to cancel an appointment, please do it as soon as possible so that another patient can have your slot.  

      Cancellations or missed appointments will be charged at 50% unless 24 hours' notice is given.
      Appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will not be charged.

    9. Private inpatient or day patient care:

    10. If you are insured and think you may need to be admitted to hospital after the first appointment, bring your individual or group membership number or other details of the insurance with you. For admission, I will obtain pre-authorisation from your insurer.  

      All appointments for private consultations at all locations can be made by contacting Marilyn Murray on 0208 920 5627.

      Alternatively, appointments at  Spire Harpenden ( 0800 585 112 ), Clementine Churchill ( 0808 101 0337 ), Priory Wellbeing Centre Fenchurch St ( 0203 582 8670 ), Priory Wellbeing Centre Harley St (0207 079 0555 ) and The Holly Private Hospital ( 0208 936 1201 ) can be made directly.

      Private consultations may be paid for by an individual, a health insurer or a third party such as solicitors (but only if it has been pre-authorised in writing.)